Portico Application Suite

PorticoTM is a fully-hosted application suite that can be customised to client requirements. Portico suite includes Document archive, Document workflow, HR and Payroll data capture and tracking, Leave Management and Attendance, Performance Management, Investment Declarations, Payroll Reimbursements and flexi-basket Compensation Structure, Expense Management, Recruitment, E-learning and HR Policy Central. Tiered access levels are provided for employee access to their own data, manager's access to their venue's details and senior manager's access to company data. Individual functions and reports can be provided specific user access and customised at will.

Portico is a Cloud Application and requires no investment in software, IT resources, support and maintenance. Based on the requirement, a client can decide the involvement of their teams in Portico - it is available as a self-service or a fully managed application.

Portico allows you to define user specific access to reports and information. The application is parameterized to 'switch-off' screens and reports that are not required or used - thus, making the application look leaner and simple to understand.