Payroll Data

Leave and Attendance are two key monthly inputs to payroll that can be captured on Portico. You can also use the group payment/deduction function to record all variable payments and deductions in a easy-to-use excel type interface. Availability of multiple timesheet formats ranging from capturing hours worked to complex ones required in project intensive businesses to record hours worked by client / project / activity to keep track of costs, productivity and availability of resources. Gross pay calculations can be done for a payroll period once all input capture is completed.


Leave/Holiday Recording

The Leave/Holiday Record on Portico allows employees to manage their own absences Click here to view the workflow.

Portico calculates the entitlement for both salaried and hourly-paid employees. The holiday record can be linked to the timesheet or the ROTA function in Portico. This allows the system to calculate the holiday accruals based on the actual hours worked by employees.

This module can be implemented in two ways:

  • Employee self service - Employees apply for their own holidays
  • Manager self service - HR Managers record holidays taken by staff

Under Employee Self Service, employees can apply for leave online and view their record with information on leaves availed, accrued and taken along with the annual balances. All applications go through an approval workflow, wherein, the employee's manager is informed of holiday applications via an automatic email generated by the system.

Managers can View/Approve/Reject leave applications for their team members and the system generates an automatic email for the action taken. The process completely eliminates paper and reduces your carbon footprint.

Key features of this module are:

  • Complete flexibility to define any type of leave policy along with multiple leave policies in one organization
    • Define leave policy, weekly offs & holiday calendars
    • leaves booked by team to assist managers in planning for leaves
    • Reports are available for leave tracking, MIS and interface to Payroll
  • Multiple leave policies can be defined based on types of leave (PL,SL,CL etc.), locations, group of people (Staff, Workers, Top Managers etc.), nature of work etc.
  • Separate policies can be defined for each business locations or group of people such as Staff, Workers, Managers etc.
  • Policies can be modified as per business requirements
  • Interface with Time and Attendance Recording System

TopSource Worldwide provides the back end administrative support required to manage and maintain leave policies, updating leave periods and updating leave balances and employee records.

Attendance Recording

The Time and Attendance module enables tracking of employee attendance and can optionally be integrated with your electronic swipe card or bio-metric access system. The data can be automatically uploaded in the Time and Attendance module to enable review of attendance of the entire company. The HR manager can also override the system attendance to mark people who are on outdoor duty, training etc. The attendance data can be seamlessly imported into the Payroll software thus eliminating the need for separate input emails to payroll. The attendance system can also be linked to the Leave Management System to report exceptions and track leave balances. HR & Location manager can regularise the absences picked up by the system.

The following views are available in the Attendance System:

  • Employees - view their attendance, to check if it has been recorded correctly
  • Location Managers - view attendance of all/specific employees for a given period/date and regularise any absences
  • HR - view attendance of all/specific employees for a given period/date


Timesheet data can be recorded by employees in Portico. Multiple timesheet formats are available and can be customized as per requirement. The formats range from capturing hours worked to complex formats required in project-intensive businesses hours worked by client / project / activity to keep track of costs, productivity and availability of resources. Employees can submit timesheets to their managers for approval. Click here to view the Timesheet workflow.

Rostering functionality is available to plan deployment of resources in the retail and hospitality businesses. Click here to view the Rota workflow.

Gross Pay Calculations

Portico can be used to calculate the gross pay for the period. All the fixed pay or salary details can be tracked by Portico. The group payment/deduction screen in Portico is used to record all the variable payments and deductions for the current payroll period.

A simple 'Export to Excel' functionality makes it easier to cross check all the input prior to final payroll. The system can be set-up for tiered-access with different cut-offs points for each access. This allows for location managers and head office to input any last minute adjustments on the payroll. Click here to view the Gross Pay Calculations workflow.


The Portico application suite comes with full RTI supporting functions to help you become and remain compliant with RTI.

Portico HR has been updated with all the necessary fields of data required for RTI compliance. Portico HR not only stores this information for you but also provides triggers for employees and HR Managers to confirm this information periodically.

To allow an HR manager to stay on top of the RTI compliance in the organization, reports are available to provide the following:

  • The RTI Validation Report lists all the data that is required to be correct and verified by each employee. These data elements are the ones that get submitted to HMRC each pay period for RTI.
  • The RTI Gap Report provides a list of all employees with incomplete or non-compliant RTI-related data. The compliance rules have been set by HMRC.

Auto Enrolment

Portico can be used to store all the details required to be maintained under the auto enrolment regime. Pension scheme and contributions, employee category, notices received from the employees for opt-in / opt-outs or joining notices are all tracked in Portico. Portico can send relevant notices to the employees such as deferment notices, enrolment notices, etc. Click here to view the Auto Enrolment features. Exception reports help to track if there are any employees who are eligible and not joined any pension scheme or opted out. Some key functions that are performed by Portico are:

  • Assess and categorise employees
  • Record the pension schemes and contribution regimes
  • Employee Self Service to record decision to opt-out, if selected
  • Record scheme details, contributions regime, employee and employer contributions
  • Report workers joining / leaving each pension scheme
  • Record and maintain all the pension scheme related forms and documents to help compliance
  • Offer a facility to the employer to send notices on email to employees to inform them of their right to opt-out (for eligible employees), to opt-in (for non-eligible employees) and to join (in case of entitled employees)

Auto-enrolment Administration

Reducing risk, saving you time

Pension legislation in the UK has changed. This means that all employers must assess their staff every time they pay them and must ensure that those who meet certain criteria are enrolled in a pension scheme.

Many businesses are already obligated by these rules, with a great many more having to deal with this in the next 12 - 18 months.

Managing auto-enrolment is time consuming and also carries risk with severe penalties for non-compliance being issued by The Pensions Regulator.

TopSource Worldwide can support you with the administrative burden, covering:

  • Assessment of your employees in each pay period with full audit trail
  • Deductions made seamlessly in payroll
  • Communications sent to your employees
  • Liaison with your pension scheme provider

Our solution prevents your time being consumed and gives reassurance that your business is compliant.

Statutory Absences

The statutory absences functionality is used for recording sickness information for employees. It also allows uploading sickness certificates on the employee record. SSP and CSP days are calculated based on the rules and data flows directly to payroll for SSP payments. Click here to view the Statutory Absences features.