Why Portico?

Portico is a Cloud Application and requires no investment in software, IT resources, support and maintenance. Based on the requirement, a client can decide the involvement of their teams in Portico - it is available as a self-service or a fully managed system.


What is Portico?

Portico is an integrated application that provides HR Data Tracking, Document Archive, Payment Processing along with a host of other services. Portico provides a secure and flexible way to store and track your HR and Payroll Data. Portico provides a flexible document storage facility ranging from simple document storage, searchable documents based on pre-defined tags to bespoke document workflow solutions. The application is fully hosted, accessible through all major browsers (Explorer, Firefox and Safari) and fully adaptable to your requirements. If you are looking for a cost-effective and comprehensive solution to your paper problems, talk to us today.

Innovative Technology

Delivery of our efficient and flexible services is made possible by exclusive TopSource Worldwide technology, most notably PorticoTM.

Our online Payroll and HR Management system is a fully-hosted package providing all of our clients the opportunity to eliminate paper in their HR and payroll processes. The system allows for self-service entry of employee details, time entry, training, eLearning etc. Employees self-service provides a view to payslips, Form 16s, uploading investment proofs, making investment declarations and many other functions.

All client source documents are digitally stored on Portico, giving you 24/7 web access to all your documents. More than 350,000 documents are added monthly, each indexed for fast online retrieval according to individual client specifications. Many of our clients have even adopted Portico as a workflow/invoice approval system to reduce paper traffic between remote locations.


Portico provides bespoke integration flexibility to your applications. A robust integration infrastructure is available along with a team of experts to enable your applications to talk to and exchange data with other applications. Whether you want a simple data import/export or more complex integration with mobile devices, Salesforce or bespoke application, we can build the required services to share data freeing you from the burden of managing and maintaining separate infrastructures.