Solutions using Portico have been implemented in many types of business. We have the experience and systems required to customise and deliver bespoke and flexible solutions that will meet your business needs.


Healthcare and Life Sciences

We work with multi-location pharma businesses that are dedicated to improving the quality and cost-effectiveness of medical and pathology services. These businesses have employees geographically spread throughout the country and the sales staff is mostly 'mobile', without a fixed desk.

Portico HR provides employee self-service that allows employees to access their own payslips, tax forms and enabled them to make investment declarations. The online payslips distribution completely eliminates print and distribution costs and consequent leakages of confidential information.

Portico HR allows all employee HR and employment data to be updated in a single database. Various documents like offer letters, salary revision letters, resumes, ID proofs, address proofs, etc can be digitised and made available. Thus there is no need to maintain any paper files which saves on the storage space and reduces time on document retrieval.


We work with retail businesses to help them have better control on their HR Data and manage the performance management system.

Portico HR provides a single platform to store all employee personal details like address, bank details, employment information and salary information for all the employees of different locations. Powerful reporting takes the stress away from the monthly MIS, that can be produced real-time at a click of a button.

PMP (Performance Management Program) provides detailed information on employee performance that helps retain, reward and develop the best people. It is extremely easy to set-up, execute and monitor and the intuitive online user interface makes it very simple for the users - employees, managers and HR.

Facilities & Infrastructure

We work with infrastructure businesses to help them provide an efficient and simple system to their employees for leave management and compensation related declarations. These companies have a presence in all states and some project offices could be situated in extremely remote areas, that makes sharing of employee data, an extremely difficult and time-consuming task.

The Leave Management System provides an online, 24 X 7 X 365 access to the leave portal that allows employees to book their leaves at anytime from any place via internet. With the employee strength spread across the country and the reporting managers situated in different cities, the LMS offers a standardised and scalable platform for managing leaves across the organisation.

Portico HR provides a fully customisable compensation declaration module. Employees are able to update their CAP (Customised Allowance Pool) online. It allows the employees to choose the compensation structure of their choice, one that maximises the tax returns for them. It reduces queries related to payroll substantially and the system also allows these queries to be tracked.

Technology & Services

We are a leading service provider to technology companies that support clients in Africa, the Americas, the Asia Pacific region, Europe and the Middle East. These clients need 24X7 support and thus the employees work in varying shift patterns. They require a flexible but simple system for rostering and attendance capture.

The Attendance module in Portico provides a seamless platform to record varying shift patterns for employees. The system is designed to allow line managers access to assign shift pattern for their teams. The shifts can be assigned in advance and modified as per requirement. This has enabled the attendance to be captured correctly for all employees and the client can exercise better control on incomplete attendance and overtime recorded by employees.

We work with global businesses that are spread across the continents and operate in multiple geographies.

Portico HR provides a seamless platform to record HR data across different geographies. Employees, across the world, are given the same access to their individual documents such as payslips and year-end tax statements. Access to the HR data can be managed centrally by the global HR.

Training & Recruitment

Training businesses work with a large number of clients which require their employees to travel to different parts of the country, often at a short notice. Attendance monitoring and control over the travel expense is one of the key functions for the finance teams in these companies.

Portico HR provides an online, seamless platform to record Expense Claims, Attendance and Leave Management. This enables the clients to avoid the hitherto paper-based and manual processes for updating and approval which leads saving in costs and time.

The Expense Claim Module has a requisition process and the actual claim process. Both the expense claim requisition (submitted prior to incurring of the expense) and the claim submission go through an approval workflow. This approval, prior to incurring the expense, is a significant cost control tool and helps create accountability in the organisation. Powerful reporting tools from the system help the finance team track the costs in real-time. The status of the claim forms is visible to the employee and auto-alert emails from the system also keep the employee informed of the progress on his claim form. As such, employee queries and follow-up calls are significantly reduced, helping the HR and Finance teams to focus on more productive work.


We are a leading service provider to the leisure sector in the UK, which is characterised by highly transient workforce, tight margins that require complete control over labour costs and also ensure compliance with HMRC regulations.

Portico HR and Payroll provides a modular solution to store HR data. ROTA and Timesheet module in Portico HR and Payroll is highly flexible and its powerful reports allow the client to manage labour costs by comparing with budgets and forecasts. Customisable multi-tiered access can be set up, so that location managers have access only to the employee data and time reporting for their locations and the HR manager can have control over entire data. This allows the location mangers to update new starters, leavers and amendments on a real-time basis and allows them to manage compliances with RTI regime thereby increasing the compliance. The Holiday module in Portico allows clients to record and manage the holiday balances for its employees.


We work with businesses that provide insurance claim management services to help them manage, store, retain and retrieve enormous amount of paperwork involved in claims and claim settlements.

The Portico Storage module in Portico Document Archive provides an on-line, 24 X 7 X 365, scalable solution to store, tag and manage accident management claim forms and supporting documents. Online access has also been provided to their clients, brokers and insurers to their respective documents. As these documents are available on Portico, it saves storage costs for physical storage of the documents in addition to documents being readily available which helps in claim faster and more efficient settlements.