Document Archive

Portico provides a flexible document storage facility ranging from simple document storage, searchable documents based on pre-defined tags to bespoke document workflow solutions. You can categorise and classify document and search them on pre-defined criteria. You can also build your bespoke workflow for Purchase order, Delivery Notes and Invoices to implement as per your organization authorization rules. If you are looking for a cost-effective and comprehensive solution to your paper problems, then talk to us today. Key features include:

  • 24/7 access
  • Document tagging
  • PDF download and view   
  • One-click document download
  • Unlimited document storage volumes    
  • Customised rules
  • Multi-tiered access
  • Auto-alerts of "pending" documents
  • Full audit of all logins, approvals, rejections, etc.


Portico Docflow is the invoice approval workflow and storage solution from TopSource Worldwide to help you save valuable time and effort chasing approvers and hunting down the paper invoices. Multi-tiered access can be set-up and rules can be customised for the approval workflow.

It is wholly configurable to match your own processes and eliminates the need to physically handle and distribute paper - saving you considerable time and effort per invoice. It maintains the integrity of the approval process by sending reminders and escalations to line managers and/or Accounts Payable controllers for missed approval deadlines due to sickness, holiday absence or oversight. Click here to view the Docflow workflow.



Portico Storage is the online document archive solution from TopSource Worldwide. Different types of documents can be stored online - example - invoices, pay statements, suppliers statements, reports, etc. Multi-tiered access can be set-up with restricted access to specific document types for certain logins. Click here to view the Storage workflow.