Danfoss Power Solutions India Private Limited

Sauer- Danfoss designs, manufactures and sells a complete range of engineered hydraulic and electronic components including Hydrostatic transmissions, Mobile electronics, Open circuit products, Orbital motors, Steering components and valves. The company has more than 20 engineering and manufacturing facilities in Europe, the Americas and Asia- Pacific regions with total employee size of more than 6000. Sauer Danfoss India Pvt limited is located at Kesnand, Pune and the unit is mainly into manufacturing of steering components and valves. The company has sales branch offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi and Ahmedabad.


Sauer-Danfoss were facing issues with their outsourced consultant for filing the TDS returns and issuing of TDS certificates on a quarterly basis. The company was put in a situation of filing the TDS returns after the expiry of the due date. This would have resulted into a financial penalty for the company. The other issues faced by the company were complaints from suppliers for issuing the wrong TDS certificates, TDS deducted details not matching in spite of providing correct information by the company to the consultant. Sauer-Danfoss approached TopSource Worldwide to take over the activity of filing the TDS return and issuing TDS certificates on a quarterly basis.

TopSource Worldwide started filing the TDS returns and issuing TDS certificates on quarterly basis to more than 200 suppliers. TopSource Worldwide experts ensured cross-verification of PAN number each time a new supplier was registered. This was done through NSDL so as to avoid any future complications. Quality checks were done by a separate team for each TDS certificate before issuing to respective supplier(s) ensuring following of a maker-checker process. TopSource Worldwide also did cross verification post filing the TDS returns by verifying the acknowledgement of TDS return filed with NSDL. Information recorded with NSDL was checked to avoid future litigations and take corrective actions wherever required.

Supplier's complaints have reduced completely and the company does not face any risk of future litigation with respect to TDS compliances.