Integreon is a large and trusted provider of integrated research, legal and discovery, and professional business solutions. Their size, collaborative work style, and market leading investments in technology, intellectual property, and management make them unique in the market. Integreon is present across four continents and works collaboratively with leading global corporations, law firms, and investment banks to address their specific support needs in areas such as market and competitive intelligence, discovery, legal process outsourcing (LPO), and other professional business services such as IT, finance, and HR.


Integreon were facing service issues with their outsourced payroll provider. They had to cope with the additional workload caused by errors in the reimbursement process. Their HR and Finance departments had to deal with a lot of payroll related queries and interaction to collect investment declarations and other documents. Delays were encountered in the delivery of reports along with inflexibility of reporting formats. These issues were faced in the middle of the recession when the business was a lot under pressure. Integreon approached TopSource Worldwide to provide a comprehensive payroll solution that needed to be delivered on time, accurately and be able to respond to their growing needs.

TopSource Worldwide performed trial and parallel runs over a few months and started delivering the payroll to Integreon on time and with accurately. The problems with the reimbursement process were resolved thru providing an Employee Self Service module over the web so that employees could directly initiate the reimbursement processing. An online web portal provided access to employees to submit investment declaration and modify them as and when required. Bespoke reports as requested by Integreon were provided along with a customized payroll journal that could be uploaded directly into Integreon’s accounting system. This has freed up time for the HR and Finance departments. TopSource Worldwide has demonstrated flexibility in its relationship with Integreon by helping them restructure their compensation plan and executing their one-off requirements. When they acquired another company, the employees of the new company were seamlessly integrated in the compensation structure and payroll systems of Integreon thus freeing up valuable time for HR to focus on core issues of integration.

Integreon has to no longer spend time on administrative work and queries related to payroll. They have eliminated the risk of issues caused due to employee dissatisfaction with payroll and are now getting their payroll reports on time. They also have the added benefit of a flexible service provider to meet their adhoc reporting requirements.