MT Educare

MT Educare, a coaching institute since 1988, is a trusted brands in classroom coaching and e-learning across India. With multiple locations and substantial growth, timely processing of staff and faculty payroll is crucial for MT Educare.


With teaching faculty working at different locations for varied time duration, capturing this diverse input correctly was a challenge. Besides, confidentiality of payouts has been a major concern for MT Educare. Also their HR team spent considerable time in collating and checking the payroll input data. Capturing online attendance was considered however because the attendance input was not linked to payroll input, HR team's involvement remained high. The output of the payroll was not shared with the business heads and hence they had to seek the information each month from Finance team. Given this scenario, MT Educare was looking out for an outsourced provider to offer a solution that will tackle all the above pain points.

TopSource Worldwide streamlined the entire process and offered automation at various levels. For faculty payroll, TopSource Worldwide designed a timesheet and established a process of proactively sending those to all centers at the beginning of the month to capture the input. This gave great results in terms of timeliness and correctness. TopSource Worldwide also developed programs to check input at source. This resulted in less time in collation of input. Portico became the suite of choice for MT Educare from where their employees could view, download and print pay slips. Business heads received reports for their business lines. Linking of online attendance and leave to payroll eased input generation load of HR team.

Portico has taken over from the HR team thus the HR team is free to focus on core HR function. The business heads are getting clear visibility of their own business line. MT Educare and TopSource relationship has changed from client-vendor to business partners.