Peach Pubs

Peach Pubs is a unique and envied pub group founded by two enthusiastic individuals, Hamish Stoddart and Lee Cash. Driven by their vision to create a great business, Hamish and Lee started with one pub. They now own and operate fifteen venues with a short term growth target of twenty-two. Critically acclaimed, Peach has won or been a finalist for 36 major industry awards-including The Publican Multiple Operator of the Year.


Peach operates with the conviction that a small back office is the best type of back office. They believe that the company leadership should be spending as much time as possible with customers, not stuck in a central office crunching data. After acquiring their first pub, Peach engaged TopSource Worldwide to run payroll while operating with one person in accounting. This worked very well for one or two venues, but as the business grew so did the associated transaction volumes. In a short space of time, the workload moved beyond the capacity of their single acco unting resource.

As Hamish said, "In order to continue with our vision of a thin back office operation, we needed to find a scalable solution that would adapt with our anticipated growth."

TopSource Worldwide worked with Peach to identify the additional accounting processes that could be outsourced to best support further expansion. Following a review of Peach's growth plans, TopSource Worldwide recommended outsourcing the purchase-to-pay process to its specialist team. In time, additional accounting processes were added and, as the requirement grew, so did the sophistication of the services. Today, TopSource Worldwide runs payroll for all Peach venues, and manages all accounting transactions up to the delivery of the monthly Peach trial balance.

"The level of service we get from TopSource Worldwide means that both operating and executive managers have the daily information they need to make decisions in the business"

Peach has accrued numerous benefits from working with TopSource Worldwide. These have included trem endous operational flexibility, the ability to implement a purchase-to-pay workflow solution, increased controls, building adaptable reporting and even outsourcing marketing data capture from customer comment cards.

The unique blend of leadership and innovation has yielded incredible results for Peach. The businesses continues to grow with their vision and ethos underpinned by their partner, TopSource Worldwide.

"We consider TopSource Worldwide to be our most valuable supplier. As a pub operator, we recognise that managing overhead expenses will always be one of our greatest challenges. Working with TopSource Worldwide has changed that factor for us. That is why they received our annual award for Best Service Supplier."